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Bitcoin Majlis YouTube Channel

Check out our YouTube Channel where we will have short videos that explain the basics of money, fiat, Riba, and the mechanics of Bitcoin. We will also have a playlist with weekly updates on any relevant news related to Bitcoin

The Muslim Bitcoiner Podcast

Check out The Muslim Bitcoiner Podcast where we chat about the intersection between Islam, Bitcoin, finance, and, economics. We also explore the characteristics and monetary properties that make Bitcoin the most Islamic form of money.

Check it out on Fountain App, where you can earn sats just by listening to podcasts:

You can also check out The Muslim Bitcoiner Podcast on YouTube here:

Additional Resources

Here you will find several links to educational material that make the Islamic case for Bitcoin. We believe that Muslims need to study and understand Bitcoin and how it can help the Muslim Ummah. 

Below are articles, videos, and podcasts that explore the subject of Bitcoin from the Islamic perspective.

Bitcoin Standard Podcast Episodes

Muawiyyah Tucker Episodes

Is Bitcoin permissible? with sheikh Muawiyyah Tucker
Halal Bitcoin Basics Series with Muawiyyah Tucker


Bitcoin: a Second Chance for the Muslim World by Asif Shiraz

How Bitcoin can help Muslims Follow the Teachings of the Quran by Muslim Bitcoiner 

Bitcoin is Halal section in Allen Farrington’s Bitcoin is Venice article

The Islamic Case for Bitcoin by Muslim Bitcoiner on the Zoya Finance blog

The Fiat Dilemma of the Muslim by Muslim Bitcoiner 

In Arabic

Bitcoin and Islam Resources on

Bitcoin Resources in Arabic on

Bitcoin Resources in Arabic on